Wohnen am Potsdamer Platz
Alte Potsdamer Straße


The residential buildings

on Potsdamer Platz

Flats designed by star architects are available to let in the middle of the central business district following partial renovation.

Despite Potsdamer Platz being known as an office and business location, numerous buildings offer the perfect living space here. Unique buildings were designed for this purpose under the management of Renzo Piano and Christoph Kohlbecker. They created unusual residential buildings with Mediterranean terracotta facades, south-facing sun shades and spacious, sunny balconies. Yet, other buildings are made out of high-tech glass and look futuristic. In spite of the top city location, many flats are characterised by picturesque inner courtyards or the proximity to Tilla Durieux Park with a quiet location and a view of the scenery.

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